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8/19/2012 – Update

Well for the week ending 8/18/2012 sales = 367.  That’s around 52.4 sales per day.  Down 12 sales from last week and up 20 from the week before.  So maybe we’ve found a level. Earned around $128.00 for the week according to Amazon.   So the Who? keeps on performing! As[…]

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8/14/12 – An Admiral Update

Well its 1:45 in the am. Admiral Who? just smoked out 62 sales for the day ending at midnight, and I’m up to a total of 697 for the month, as of midnight, or actually 706 as of right now.  Woo-hoo!  Way to go team. For the past two weeks[…]

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Sales Update 8/6/12

Well if you’ve been following me on my other Blog, I say to you, Welcome! If on the other hand you are a new joiner.  Just go to my old blog, to check out my old posts. Regardless its time for an update! Okay update 1: the most important[…]

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Welcome to my blog

This Blog is currently under construction. To see all my previous blog posts go to: as time allows I will begin posting on this new blog. Thanks! The Deposed King

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