Admiral’s Throne Snippet 4

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Admiral’s Throne Snippet 4

In honor of the rough draft’s completion i give you snippet 4!

Chapter: Isaak’s Trial

“That is why esteemed members of the tribunal I urge you to remember that my client never authorized the use of Bio-tech weaponry. He never ordered the Senator’s death and most importantly of all was never even present when the actions he is being tried for took place!”
“If you’re looking for the man responsible then you need look no further than one Jason Montagne, rogue Vice Admiral and Warlord extraordinaire,” cried Isaak’s Lawyer wrapping up an impassioned closing statement foisting all the blame away from his client, “I urge the Tribunal to do the right thing,” he finished with a sharp nod before sitting down.
The Imperial Tribunal quietly conferred for several minute before turning back.
“All rise,” ordered the Baliff.
The Chief Justice cleared his throat.
“After weighing all the evidence the Imperial Tribunal dictates that since Isaak was the ultimate civilian authority and in all cases of Confederation Law the precedent is clear that the military answers to civilian authority, that thus he was in fact the man ultimately responsible for the rebellion in the spine and the actions of the rebels and traitors which killed Senator Cornwallis!” the Judge said in a deep voice.
“No!” Isaak bolted out of his chair with a cry.
“Speaker Isaak Newton of the rebel regime and so called New Confederation you were the highest authority in you government and as such this Tribunal considers you directly responsible for the actions your military took against the empire, the 2nd Reserve Flotilla and our citizens in the Spineward Sectors. As such you are hereby sentence to be hung by your neck until dead as is the traditional punishment for all traitors against humanity,” the Tribunal Judge said grimly.
“I’ve been framed! No. This isn’t possible. This is all that traitor Montagne’s fault! The record is clear that I don’t even like the man, in fact I detest him! To hold me accountable for his crimes is unreasonable when I did everything within my power to stop and then punish him after the fact,” shouted Isaak.
“Don’t insult our intelligence? Your attempted to cover your tracks was pathetic, your own staffers turned imperial evidence to avoid extradition and gave you up. We have audio files where you call… and I quote, call “Jason Montagne’s a fool, a rube, a chump and a patsy! That manipulating him was easy.” Do you really expect us to just assume you were spouting lies in the privacy of your own office surrounded by trusted advisors?”
“B-b-but,” Isaak Newton visibly gobbled with alarm finally bursting out, “I’ve been framed by my own staff! Any such lies are simply desperate attempts by loyalless traitors to save their own skin!”
“Jason Montagne Vekna is a loose cannon and the greatest threat this glaxy has ever seen!” he cried.
“Do you actually expect us to buy that you would continually hire and then officially ‘betray’ your top military commander? The only man standing between your people and the darkness beyond the galactic rim?” said the Judge.
“It’s the truth. May the gods strike me down if I lie,” Isaak said urgently.
“Don’t take us for fools! There is a clear paper trail and audio record where you ordered Admiral Montagne to defeat Senator Cornwallis by and I quote ‘any means necessary,’” growled the judge.
“Jason Montagne likes to think he’s an honorable man but his love for the people, the civilian population of the spine will cause him to do any blasted thing. Appealing to his patriotism seemed easy until he turned my hand and took entirely illegal actions. Haven’t you looked at any of the evidence I provided? Why are you being so obtuse?” cried Isaak Newton.
“Speaker Isaak Newton of the Spineward Sectors Rebellion we don’t believe you but even if we did and everything you say is true, that only makes your crimes even worse,” scowled the tribune. “You failed in your duty to properly control your military and for that alone you should be executed. Your sentence stands. You are a traitor to humanity and you will be hung by the neck until dead.”
Isaak’s eyes bulged and he looked frantically from side to side.
“I demand an appeal,” he shouted before shoving his lawyer to the side and bolting for the door.
The former Speaker’s mad run for the exit was halted imperial security half way to the door.
“Let me go I can pay you anything you want. I’m worth millions,” struggled Isaak trying to break free and simultaneously bribe the imperial security guards.
“Bailiff restrain the defendant!” shouted the 3rd Tribunal Judge.
“With pleasure,” said the Bailiff. He turned to his security team, “Men,” he jerked his head and one of the guards pulled out a shock stick.
Isaak’s struggles only increased.
“Don’t tase me bro! Don’t tase me!” he cried.
The guards only chuckled evilly.
I’m innocent,” he shouted.
The guard’s just shook their heads and put him in a head lock.
As he stared at the stun baton headed toward his face the now broken politicians searched for anything that could save him and came up blank. He only had one gambit left.
“I know the location of a core fragment!” he screamed.
The 3rd Tribunal Judge who had been watching stony faced slammed a palm onto his wooden bench hard enough the resulting sound could have been mistaken for a gun shot.
“Blasphemy!” shouted the Judge his face constricting.
Seconds later the guards repeatedly shocked Sir Isaak into unconsciousness. They didn’t stop until long after he stopped moving on his own.
Later that day Sir Isaak was officially hung in traitor’s square. Many were pleased. The Media loudly railed against the traitor to all mankind, although some viewers complained of the poor audio-visual quality when the Imperial Censor’s Office slapped an excessive realism ban on the moment of the actual hanging.


  1. Rene Christensen - February 22, 2019 3:08 am

    Some foreshadowing with it being his “official” death or is he finally gone? I hope he is dead, sometimes even an important character has to fall on the field and I honestly think he had a good run, he was a great antagonist whom i look forward to seeing replaced. Hopefully by some less than competent people, such as the anti-machine nutcase, could be fun if she was in charge of whatever passes for the new local government. Also she’d likely force herself and whatever government still exist, way up into a corner given her track record.

  2. cookiehunter - February 22, 2019 7:57 am

    “Don’t tase me bro! Don’t tase me!” he cried.
    seems like a break in style and not very fitting

  3. Ron - February 22, 2019 11:51 am

    If the core fragment is on the Clover they have spared him for nothing. It’s from the wrong AI.

    • Rene Christensen - February 22, 2019 4:45 pm

      Preventing Men or something worse than either of those two from reviving before their own god has to be pretty important to them. So depending on just how his betrayal goes an interdiction fleet could be headed for Tracto and Capria in short order, but that just seems like an unsolvable dilemma to me, Jason doesn’t have the means to stop an allout assault by the empire and the confederation.

      If they are willing to suck up the blows and keep coming they eventually win, no tactic can prevent that. The confeds will likely run, but the empire is made of much sterner stuff.

      I hope this is the book where Jason finally realizes he is carrying not one but two fragments at the heart of his ship.

  4. Crusauce - February 22, 2019 1:18 pm

    LOL @ Don’t tase me bro!
    I can’t believe that was almost 12 years ago. Time sure flies fast.

    Looking forward to get back at Spineward Sectors again and see how Isaak really get his comeuppance.

    • Joshua Wachter - February 22, 2019 4:06 pm

      I almost changed tase=stun and got rid of the bro. But it was just too fun to get rid of. Let me know what you think

  5. Crusauce - February 25, 2019 4:44 pm

    Its fun but I feel ‘bro’ is a bit much. Anyway the line could do without it, I think. I don’t remember if Isaaks age was mention but I feel he is old and saying something like is kinda cringey coming from him. On the other if that was a look of his true personality when the politician facade is off then it works too since who doesn’t have embarrassing quirks they like to hide? Ha!

  6. peke - February 26, 2019 7:04 pm

    Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of this particulas SOAB

    A fragment, that’s something big enough that the empire may be willing to fake the execution and then consign him to a deep black site, for “vigorous questioning”. No one likes unaccounted fragments.

  7. Barrett tipaton - May 12, 2019 3:11 am

    I would like to be a beta reader for your new book
    I read your post on face book but I never really use it to talk talk to people

  8. Ian - May 15, 2019 4:47 am

    I am really looking forward to book 14. I have just reread book 13 in preparation for its release. I hope its close to it, as I am excited to see Jason’s return to the Spineward Sectors!

  9. Jim - June 19, 2019 5:40 am

    Did Caleb run off with your draft? If not, you might have Jamison Hutchinson take an editing pass. I really like the two books he has recently published in your universe. Thanks for allowing him to publish. I would love for you to get that book out. I bet a lot of people are anxious to read it. Love your characters, your plot lines and your writing style. Your Admiral universe is amazing, captivating and addicting. I need my next fix.

  10. Peke - June 21, 2019 3:00 pm

    Any updates on when the book comes out? It’s been a while since the rough draft was done…

  11. Ian - July 5, 2019 9:52 pm

    Any word on the status of the book?


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