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Admiral’s Throne Snippet 3

I’m going to throw a cover concept for the next book up on the Multi-Sector Patrol Fleet facebook group so I thought why not throw up another snippet chapter while I was at it! Chapter: Gone Fishing Events take place 2 years after being exiled from the Spineward Sectors For[…]

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Admiral’s Throne Snippet 2

Another snippet for you guys! Hope you enjoy. Prologue II: Davenport seeds the Spine 2 weeks after taking Speaker Isaak into custody “Isn’t this a direct and deliberate violation of the Dictates of Man?” the Commander asked with distaste. Admiral Magnus Davenport’s lip curled and he looked down his nose[…]

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Admiral’s Throne Snippet 1

Here’s a quick and dirty snippet from to upcoming book! Admiral’s Throne: Book 14 Prologue: In a broken down starship “Why am I stuck in a broken down star ship lost somewhere on the Rim of known space?” Po’ta asked rhetorically. Uncle just gave him the hair eyeball and turned[…]

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Admiral’s Fall – Sneak Peek Chapter 5

I’m going to be too busy for most of the rest of the week to post the sneak peek chapter so here you go. Let the cursing begin! Chapter: Isaak Plots and Schemes First Isaak crumpled the plastic flimsy in his hand and then he tore it to shreds. “He[…]

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Admiral’s Fall – Sneak Peek Chapter 4!

Because the last two chapters have been super short and people chimed in I’ve decided to go ahead with the grand double release! Chapter: Deceptive Maneuvers “Alright where are we at?” I asked. “We’ve segregated as many of the Glorious Fleet personnel both old confederation and imperial on a few[…]

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