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Admiral’s Fall – Sneak Peek Chapter 5

I’m going to be too busy for most of the rest of the week to post the sneak peek chapter so here you go. Let the cursing begin! Chapter: Isaak Plots and Schemes First Isaak crumpled the plastic flimsy in his hand and then he tore it to shreds. “He[…]

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Admiral’s Fall – Sneak Peek Chapter 4!

Because the last two chapters have been super short and people chimed in I’ve decided to go ahead with the grand double release! Chapter: Deceptive Maneuvers “Alright where are we at?” I asked. “We’ve segregated as many of the Glorious Fleet personnel both old confederation and imperial on a few[…]

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Admiral’s Fall – Sneak Peek Chapter 3

Chapter: The Calm Before the Storm “Point transfer successful,” Navigation reported promptly as soon as Baselard arrived in the star system. “Initiating breakout protocol,” reported the Helm. “Activate the long range array and prepare for upload,” ordered Front Admiral Willard Featherby. “Depending on the size of the sump that could[…]

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Admiral’s Fall – Sneak Peek Chapter 2

For those of you who have been waiting with baited breath I bring you… Chapter 2! Chapter: Featherby in Command “How long until the next point transfer, Fritters?” Featherby asked looking up from his data slate where he was rapidly filling out yet another report on the debacle that was[…]

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Admiral’s Fall – Sneak Peek Chapter 1

Brought to you Raw and Unedited. And at the request of Moises Lobo Enjoy! Admiral’s Fall: Book 13 (A Spineward Sectors Novel:) By Luke Sky Wachter Chapter: Mopping Up We may have won the war but the battle had yet to reach its final resolution. This realization left me momentarily[…]

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