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Admiral’s Throne

Hi Guys! Book 14 Admiral’s Throne is live on amazon. At long last the next episode of the Spineward sectors is out! Here’s the link: The Deposed King

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Admiral’s Throne Snippet 4

In honor of the rough draft’s completion i give you snippet 4! Chapter: Isaak’s Trial “That is why esteemed members of the tribunal I urge you to remember that my client never authorized the use of Bio-tech weaponry. He never ordered the Senator’s death and most importantly of all was[…]

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Admiral’s Throne Rough Draft

Hello everyone, Sorry for the late update. I finally finished the rough draft of Admiral’s Throne. Right now the book clocks in at 144k. I’m going to give it a pass or two and then set up the editing. More information later. For an FYI update is no longer[…]

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Admiral’s Throne Update

Hi Guys time for a quick update I’m up to 94k on the rough draft and still going strong. About 5k a day for the past few days. I’m hoping to finish the book by the end of this month or first week of next and then get it off[…]

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Admiral’s Throne Snippet 3

I’m going to throw a cover concept for the next book up on the Multi-Sector Patrol Fleet facebook group so I thought why not throw up another snippet chapter while I was at it! Chapter: Gone Fishing Events take place 2 years after being exiled from the Spineward Sectors For[…]

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