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Admiral’s Nemesis is go for beta reading

Its been a trial but at long last Book 11 is up for beta reading. Go on over to and apply to become a beta reader! Being a beta reader is simple. All you have to do is three things. One read the book via the pacific crest website,[…]

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Live on my Amazon Author Page!

Hi there guys. The book is out of my hands currently lingering around 60% edited, as of my last update from my brother. I realize its been a year since the last book came out but Admiral 11 is officially out of my hands and for running on towards two[…]

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The State of the Author 6/29/2017

Well I’m charging hard into the next book. I’ve thrown together most of an outline. I’ve also shot over another 20k to my editor for a better ending/a couple sneak peak chapters for the upcoming book. So the next book should something be under 160k since that’s the word count[…]

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Just an Update

Just an update here. Admiral 11 is still at the editor. But he’s recently returned back home from an extended trip and says he’s working hard on it now. Unlike before when he was very distracted. So hopefully we’ll have it up on beta over at pacific crest publishing before[…]

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Admiral 11 at the Editor!

Hi there guys sorry its been so long since I put up a post but I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that Admiral 11 is over at the editor and waiting to be made all nice and pretty before its release. Sorry for the long[…]

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