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76k – Admiral’s Fall

Another Admiral’s Fall update. The title says it all. I’m up to 76,000 words written on this rough draft and wonder just how much longer the editor is going to take on Nemesis II? Anyway glad to have to chance to pop my head up and give you all an[…]

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66k – Admiral’s Fall

A slight slow down in my writing, I missed a writing day last week and by missed I mean I had the time and took a flyer. But other than that the rough draft continues to fly along. I think I’m decidedly over the halfway hump in this book and[…]

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Admiral’s Fall – 55k

Admiral’s Fall Update: Hey guys I’m up to 55k – Admiral’s Fall and the last I heard the editor is 30% though the rough draft of Admiral’s Nemesis Part 2. Just wanted to touch bases with everyone and let you know what’s going on. I’m smoking through the rough draft[…]

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42k – Admiral’s Fall

Had another 2k day yesterday and moving right along on book 13. The pace continues to be decent and I’m cranking on the next book in the series. I need to have the rough draft done in march and off to my editor and it looks like I’m totally on[…]

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32k – Admiral’s Fall

Its time for another Admiral update! As you can see in the title I’m up to 32k and still smoking right along. The plan is to finish the rough draft for this book by march and have it off to the editor and then immediately dive back into Admiral 14[…]

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