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42k – Admiral’s Fall

Had another 2k day yesterday and moving right along on book 13. The pace continues to be decent and I’m cranking on the next book in the series. I need to have the rough draft done in march and off to my editor and it looks like I’m totally on[…]

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32k – Admiral’s Fall

Its time for another Admiral update! As you can see in the title I’m up to 32k and still smoking right along. The plan is to finish the rough draft for this book by march and have it off to the editor and then immediately dive back into Admiral 14[…]

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26k – Admiral’s Fall

Today was another 3k day. I could have done better but it was a respectable day. I’m trying to keep the momentum going. My hope is that by the middle of next month book 13 will be off my computer and over to my editor. I’m also trying be more[…]

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Its a 5k Day!

Up to 17k on Admiral’s Fall. Today I managed to squeeze out 5k and let me tell you those have been light on the ground around here ever since I moved back to the states. Juggling the working wife and kids has been hard. But I’m hoping we turned corner[…]

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Admiral’s Fall – 12k

I’m pounding away on book 13 and currently up to 12k words written and in case I haven’t mentioned it yet I’m still currently calling Admiral’s Fall. I also wrote an additional 3k words for book 12, a Spalding chapter. so book 12 is definitely going to be my largest[…]

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