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Live on Amazon: Admiral’s Nemesis Part II

:::Cue Drumroll::: For those of you who have been waiting the book is finally here: Admiral’s Nemesis Part II is live!!!! Find it here on amazon at link: It slices it dices and it may have taken 8 months but its finally here! Again sorry about the long wait[…]

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Admiral’s Fall 126k (Completed)

The Admiral’s Fall rough draft is completed! And Nemesis II is due to go up on amazon late next week! All in all this is really great news! Now all I need to do is go back to work on some Nemesis stuff like fleet lists if I can find[…]

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Beta live for Admiral’s Nemesis II

Admiral’s Nemesis Part 2 is up for beta readers at this is the part where I normally tell you to head on over there and sign up but sadly the word is that due to some administrative programing issues over there they’re not sure if they can activate any[…]

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Beta for Admiral’s Nemesis II is live!

Alright pildren and cheople anyone whose interested in beta reading and helping us out with all those little spelling and grammar nits that help us make the book the best it can be head on over to and apply to become a beta reader! All I ask is a[…]

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Admiral’s Fall – 100k

Fingers crossed but I hope to get this book finished this week. Word is we’re also a couple days out from the first editing pass on Nemesis II. Right now I’m hot after the end of Fall and in the middle of the final battle of the book. I hope[…]

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