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Admiral 12 Update

Hi guys I’m still working on Admiral’s Nemesis Part 2 and I’m currently up to 84k on the rough draft. I know I should be faster on this and I’m hoping to pick up the pace in November. This last month here has just been the month from hell. Lost[…]

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56k Admiral’s Nemesis II Update

Hi guys! I’d like to start off by thanking each and every one of you who bought the book and left a review up on amazon. Thank you! Now for the fun news. I’m up to 56k on Nemesis II and I’m hoping to have it finished in october to[…]

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Free and $0.99 deals!

An Author Update: For anyone who is interested in reading my books. Right now I have four different deals running. Book 1: Admiral Who? This book is currently up for an amazon deal at 0.99c for seven days starting today! The Boar Knife The first novella in the Witchguard Series[…]

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