Admiral’s Throne Snippet 1

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Admiral’s Throne Snippet 1

Here’s a quick and dirty snippet from to upcoming book!

Admiral’s Throne: Book 14

Prologue: In a broken down starship

“Why am I stuck in a broken down star ship lost somewhere on the Rim of known space?” Po’ta asked rhetorically.
Uncle just gave him the hair eyeball and turned back to his console with a grunt.
They’d been stranded out here in the middle of nowhere with a cracked main hyper dish and a hyper field generator that needed replacement parts. They were going nowhere until both were fixed.
“Next time we ignore the Seer and we go by the most direct path to exactly where we know the guy we need to find is located!” snapped the Nephew, “crossing through imperial space would have been less hazardous than this.”
“The Seer said we wouldn’t find what we needed unless we took the long route,” said his Uncle.
“Forget the Seer’s cryptic comments and vague answers and for once in your lifetime take a look around. If we’d just ignored the creature we’d at least have had the chance to present our case. The way things are going this ship is headed nowhere fast. It doesn’t matter what we were supposed to do, if we don’t live long enough to actually do it!” shouted Po’ta.
“I have faith,” said his Uncle.
“I don’t care about the ways of our people, the stalwart ways or the blasted moral code itself! Ye-Space gods and basic-apes, Uncle,” cried Po’ta.
“Yes of course the next time I’m speaking with a creature that can read my mind I’ll be sure to lie to it after it tells me the name of the only person who can save our people from extinction and the only way to get there, Nephew,” yelled Storm.
“There’s never been independent confirmation that those… things, can read your mind!” Po’ta said in a rising voice.
“I know what I know,” Storm said flatly, “what’s the point of asking a thing for its advice if you’re not going to take it? In that case we might as well have stayed home!” he took a deep breath, “just have a little faith and we’ll get through this. Remember the teachings-”
“Faith-faith-faith-faith faith!” shouted Po’ta, “it’s not a misguided belief in something greater than ourselves that’s going to get us out of here, Uncle. It’s spare parts for our field generator and a welding droid or an auto-welder.”
“You have mistaken me, Po’ta. It’s not the code or our ways what I have faith in. I believe in us. We will make it through this as a family and together we will save our people from-” said Uncle Storm passionately right before he was interrupted by a beep at the communication’s console.
Both males eyes widened as they whipped around to stare at the sensor screen.
“Although I’ll happily take any help the supernatural forces of the universe decide to throw our way,” Uncle Storm said fervently.
Po’ta gave him a withering look but was too elated to argue, instead choosing to lunge for the com-console before Storm could claim the seat for himself.
“This is the Midnight Ride out of Under-hiem Captain Po speaking. Is anyone over there interested in a trade?” he blurted out.
The other side accepted the com request and opened a channel.
Uncle Storm’s hand landed on Po’ta’s shoulder with heavy force.
“I knew my faith was not misplaced,” he said with a chuckle.
“I want to strangle you so much right now,” said his Nephew.
“Come again Midnight Ride?” asked exclaimed a voice on the other side of the com-channel.
“Sorry there friend the old family dog just peed all over the side of the communications console. I was talking to it,” Po’ta said quickly.
“Not a problem I know how it is on a family run ship. You’re out here for long periods of time and need something to keep your mind sane,” the other man said his voice easing slightly, “anyway Captain Po is it? That name Chinese or something?”
Meanwhile Uncle Storm looked at Po’ta thunderously.
“Or something,” Po’ta agreed wryly, fending off Storm’s hands as the older male tried to lean in and take over communications, “but you’ve got the name right.”
Storm finally turned away in a huff muttering to himself about a lack of respect in the younger generations of the family.
“I hear that. Lots oddities out here in the black a man has to get used to so we’re up for trade if you are,” the other Captain said after a moment.
“Bring your ship over and send us an umbilical, we’ll get ready for a swap,” said Po’ta.
“Not so fast,” said the other man, “I’ll send a shuttle over first to take a gander but only because I have a guy married to my cousin I don’t mind risking if you lot are playing dirty. It’s not that I don’t trust you but the sad fact is I don’t trust you, you can’t trust anyone now a days, could be a pirate or a reaver or any fool thing but before that why don’t you send me over a list and I’ll send you back. We’ll see if the other has anything that we’re willing to swap around before we start risking crew and family,” he paused a beat, “we’ll also take credits at a discounted rate of course.”
“An old dog is it?” Strom rumbled.
“Not now,” Po’ta hissed and then activated his com-device.
“Not a problem,” Po’ta replied, “just so you know in addition to a hold full of reconditioned machinery I’ve got a case of used blaster technology you might be interested in. Old imperial rifles, pistols and such, good tech if a little long on the tooth but like you say you can never be too careful out here in the dark,” he said without missing a beat.
There was a pause.
“My cousin will be in armor,” the other voice said cautiously.
“I thought you were sending the husband?” Po’ta replied with a grin. Yes, he thought silently, we’re not some old unarmed freighter easy pickings for anyone with a mind for it.
“Cousin-in-law and he doesn’t shoot nearly as well as she does so make sure to send him back to us in one piece,” the other man corrected with a chuckle, “either which way send me your manifest and I’ll see if we can’t get down to some serious haggling.”
“Not a problem,” said Po’ta triggering the file to send.
When an answering beep showed they had a matching file from the other ship he turned away with a sigh.
“A dog!” growled his Uncle.
“Well you sound just like one,” snorted Po’ta.
Storm punched him in the arm.
“Owe!” he exclaimed jerking away and rubbing his arm.
“Not as old as I look,” his Uncle sounded self-satisfied, “you’d do well to remember that not just any old male gets to make it on the Elder’s Council!”
The console chimed again.
“Looks like we can make a trade,” said the other Captain.
“Send over your cousin’s husband,” said Po’ta.

The Deposed King


  1. Rene Christensen - August 30, 2018 4:37 am

    Interesting, i’ve wondered what happened to our stalwart heroes, sounds like they may be getting closer and more importanly, have gotten onto the right track for once. The question is whether another grand gathering (not the right word but essentially the same i think) of the various races of the spine and beyond will be called, at some point in the next book. That would be interesting. Also was it just a random trader they met or someone important?

  2. Joshua Wachter - August 30, 2018 4:51 am

    A random trader 🙂

  3. Jamison Hutchinson - August 30, 2018 5:10 am

    Family; with you to the bitter end, if you don’t gut them like a fish first for some blasted peace and quiet!


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