Sales Update 8/6/12

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Sales Update 8/6/12

Well if you’ve been following me on my other Blog, I say to you, Welcome!

If on the other hand you are a new joiner.  Just go to my old blog, to check out my old posts.

Regardless its time for an update!

Okay update 1: the most important to me is sales total for the month


Last week, ending August 4th I had a total of

Sales of 8/4/12 = 347

Which is an amazing 49.5 sales per day!!!  Thank you, thank you, thanks to you guys and your continuing support I have hope that one day I will be able to settle down to the life of a full time author.   Still a dream at this point but at a take home of 121.57 for the week, which money I won’t see for another two months 🙁 there is hope.   If we took my best week ever!!! and extrapolated it as my norm going forward (yeah right), I’d be making about 500 bucks a month.

Wouldn’t need too many books at that pace and pretty soon I could quite my day job!  But as for now, still mucking along as a wage slave, writing in my free time.

But enough of that space rot.  On to the next update.

Total sales for the month today as of today August 6th at 1:49pm I have

Sales Month to date = 293

So we’re smoking along again.  The past two days I’ve sold, 68 and 60 e-copies per day, respectively.  This is the weekend so I want to see if it will maintain that same pace for today which is a monday.  Today’s sales for the day are already at 35, which puts me on pace for a 50-60 day sales average.   Fingers crossed.

Every week for the past 7 or 8 I’ve been trending up!

Also my Amazon rank is higher than ever before!

Now finally for the part you guys will probably think the most important.  The status of the sequel to Admiral Who?, the very second Admiral’s Gamit.

Honestly?   Admiral’s Gambit its cruising right along!  Up to 150k words written, including of course the sneak peak from the end of book 1.   Getting to the end of a book (1st draft) you start to doubt yourself, wondering if the book is crud and an unworthy addition to what you’ve already done before.   As an author even after you get through all the editing passes, clean it up, revise and extend you are often left laughing at your own creations and wondering if its just you or if others will find this thing as appealing as you yourself do.

Well from the response so far to Admiral Who? you guys sure do seem to find something of value in it.  Thanks for finding my book, reading it and becoming fans.  Much appreciated, I think and I hope the sequel lives up to the bar set by the first.   Its a little handicapped in ways the first wasn’t.  But on the other hand we get to break some new ground.

Anyway during the creation of Admiral Who, I envisioned two different stopping points.  As you can tell from the book, I ultimately decided to include both, hheheheh.  For Admiral’s Gambit, its a tad larger, as of right now, than Admiral Who was but that said I’ve already reached my first envisioned stopping point.  Have to run it past the editing team, (my brother) and write out the sneak peak for book three.  Tentatively titled Admiral’s Run or possibly An Admiral in spite of Himself.  Then we’ll see if its expanded during the revision, contracted with parts chopped or if we’ll be splitting the book into two.  I think this last is very unlikely.

So while I think Book 1 and Book 2 of the Spine Ward Sectors are going to be monsters, at 142k and 150+ respectively, I’m thinking to try and make Admiral’s Run a bit shorter.  Maybe more action and combat.  Not sure, I’ve got the overarching plot down for about a 5-6 book series with thoughts on a trilogy or so that takes place outside of the Spineward Sectors.

I assure you that no sooner has the Little Admiral dealt with one mess but another comes and smacks him around but good.  Broke, sticky and confused its up to him to rally time and again, like a punch drunk fighter fighting off the ropes.   At least that’s how I’m seeing it right now.  That’s not to say he doesn’t have his victories and improvements.  There will be no static world here if I have anything to say about it!

The great thing is I know where we’re going, the major events and the major vehicles we’re going to use to get there, but the actual road trip itself is almost as much mystery to me as it is to you guys.  Almost (que in maniacal laughter)!

Anyway working on a few scenes with the Chief Gunner right now.

Fingers crossed, but I’m hoping to finish with the last of Admiral’s Gambit this week and be moving on to the sneak peak preview of Admiral’s Run.  That could take a week or two but after that, while I can always continue writing on book 3, the completion of Book 2 will be out of my hands.  Well partly out of my hands.   Admiral Who, I wrote 10 percent of it two years ago, 15% of it over 3 months and the remaining 75 percent over the course of 3 weeks.  Then two weeks of full time editing side by side with the brother and Admiral Who was ready for the Amazon Upload gods.

So a week or two and it’ll just be up to when the Brother and I can find enough spare time to sit down and crank on this thing and get it out for your viewing pleasure.

Always follow the dream,

The Deposed King


  1. The Deposed King - August 6, 2012 6:03 pm

    This is a test post.

  2. Jeff Gault - August 7, 2012 10:33 am

    Loved Admiral Who. Can’t wait to read the next one. If you need another set of eyes to proof it I’ll gladly take a look.

  3. Jeff Gault - August 7, 2012 10:36 am

    It might help convince you to let me have an early look if I tell you I’m a copywriter at an ad firm and not just a crazy man on the internet. I am indeed a crazy man on the internet, but that is just one of my many fine qualities.

  4. admin - August 8, 2012 11:49 pm

    Happy to hear you liked it! I thought it was a pretty good yarn. Now if only the sequel holds up to the high standard set by the first I’ll be happy.

    As for the sequel its in the first rough draft stage right now. I’ve added the Chief Gunner scenes I wanted but still need to find the right place to insert them and then find out if I need to write one or two more. Still got to do high tension attack run, and then one more scene with the little admiral before I can say any way you look at it the story of Admiral’s Gambit is done and I’m officially moving onto Admiral’s Run.

    But I’ll try to keep you in mind as I get closer to the editing process. Cause when its time to edit, its going to be slam bam full bore into it. And just about as soon as its done, its going up on amazon. I don’t know the process of other authors like B.V. Larson. And I don’t know if mine will alter as time goes by. But since the first did so well, I’m looking to simply try as close of a repeat as possible.

    The Deposed King


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