August 30th

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August 30th

Sorry for the delay with the sales update.  Been working 65 hour weeks for he last two weeks on the day job.  It takes a bit out of you and doesn’t leave much time for other endeavors.

Okay so, week ending 8/25/12 total sales = 360

Made a hundred and twenty six bucks for the week.   So still not getting rich but on pace for around500 bucks for the month of August.   Not enough to think about quitting the day job just yet but write a few more…..

Now for the update on Admiral’s Gambit.  I’ve requested a few vacation days from work and the 6th-9th is firmly set aside for final pass editing, with the 12th and 13th set aside as overflow days.  Hopefully 6 days will be enough to get through it for the final edit

Before the 6th my brother is supposed to send me a draft with his two editing passes, which I’m going to send out to a few beta readers, and hopefully we can incorporate suggestions into the final product when him and I get together for the final version.

So still on pace for a September release.

The Deposed King


  1. Daren - September 3, 2012 8:02 pm

    Damn you, I just finished Admiral Who and I was terribly disappointed that Admiral’s Gambit isn’t out yet. I really enjoyed Admiral Who. Thanks for all your hard work! (And your brother for his editing – the editing is top notch on Admiral Who).

  2. The Deposed King - September 3, 2012 8:06 pm

    LOL. There are a few spelling errors and such but for the most part it works 😉

    Well if I have anything to say about it you won’t be disappointed for long! Book two is on the verge of the final edit! So sometime this month its going to hit the e-shelf.

    Be well!

    The Deposed King


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