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Update on the Book

Thanks for all the good wishes on the writing front guys. I’ve been pounding away at it hard the last couple days. Up to 97k as of today.

Target for this thing is generally expected to be in the 140k range (at least that was what the other two worked out to be, I originally aimed for 120k but the things just kept growing).

If I can wrap up the main story line around the 120k’s range, then i’ll probably go back like I did with Book 2 and make sure all the sub-plots are tied up nice and neat. A lot of the Bogart and Suffic plot lines were woven in after the fact on the Gambit. I knew they needed to be in there and about where they’d go but just had to stay focused on finishing the main line stuff first. Otherwise these books could sprawl and sprawl into an impossible size and no story completion in sight ever.

Which is bad.  But easily avoidable.

Right now this book is feeling a little bit bigger than the others. But that could just be closing in on the last quarter of the book blues.

I know the story I want to tell and where the possible end points are on this thing. Some scenes just turn out longer or shorter than originally estimated. So long as the cool story is in there, that’s the main thing, it doesn’t matter the word count.

Anyway Emil had a question regarding an e-mail list. That’s a good question and one we’ve considered. Right now I’m going to focus on getting book 3 out. Either after 3 or 4, probably 4, I’m thinking to revamp the covers and focus on other value added ideas like the e-mail list.

I guess the short answer is no e-mail list at this time, but its a good question and will help spur us onto getting one set up. I’ll try to post it here as well as in the author- discussion section in the author page area, when the book comes out.

Thanks for all the people who say its worth more than the $2.99, its good to hear that, along with all the encouragement. Its in large part thank to you guys, that I’ve been knuckling down here so soon after being sick.

Sweet Murphy but this thing’s been taking off the last few odd days. I hope you guys end up enjoying the read as much as I am the writing of it. This book is going to be a bit different than that other two books. Due in main part due to some difficulties encountered by the main character.

The Deposed King


  1. Emil - February 27, 2013 8:20 am

    Im also glad to hear that you are making the book longer than you originally intended which for me means that you arn’t just trying to push in stuff to fill an quota.
    I also wonder if you are reading other scifi books yourselves to get ideas?
    Personly bought over 100 books on amazon (Only kindle, no papperback since it would cost alot to ship theim from US to EU) and I can personly say you are among, if not The best writer in your genre and not only that, but the way you write/develop the story is only rivaled by two other writers, though you come out ontop. The simple fact that to me proves that you are the best I’ve come upon so far writer is that I dont skip a single page of yours, while in other books I might skip pages when it gets boring. You keep your characters and story focused and well paced, not to fast so I cant catch up, but you neither go on for several chapters explaining all the sub characters backstory, you give ous basic information and flesh it out as time goes and letting ous fill in the gaps with our imagination.

    Im really glad to have read your books and looking forward to next.
    May I suggest that you add your blog URL to a thread of yours on amazon so people can easier find your blog?

  2. Frederick - February 27, 2013 11:24 am

    Add me to the list of people who would be happy to see you increase your prices. You are writing full time now and I don’t want you to regret that decision. I would suggest keeping the first book at a buck, but upping the price on the second and subsequent titles. I feel that $4 to $4.50 would be a very fair price for the quality and length of the books you are producing.

    Looking forward to your third book,


  3. The Deposed King - March 2, 2013 1:18 am

    I’ve read thousands of books and watched most but not all of the sci-fi out there. They all influence my writing. In some cases I mix and match a dozen different ideas from a dozen different books and authors and come up with my own unique creation and take on things. The Evil Imperials or the beuracratic confederacy, perhaps or the Evil Elected Order. hahahhaha! How about the plucky you officer thrust into command (wink). But I like to think I do enough of it in ways that I’ve never seen done before to make it enjoyable. I write what I enjoy to read. Or at least I try.

    Trying something a little risky with book 3 but I think its going to work. If it doesn’t I’m sure I’ll hear about it.


    the Deposed King

  4. Emil - March 2, 2013 3:50 am

    Heh, that laugh just cant end well for anyone besides ous readers 😀

  5. The Deposed King - March 2, 2013 5:44 pm

    Much pain and suffering ensues. Losses are…. (Cue in evil sorcerer voice off of Flight of Dragon’s the Movie) inevitable.

    The Deposed King

  6. Jeff Gault - March 6, 2013 7:10 am

    Can’t wait. Let me know if you need another proof reader (I write and proofread for a living).

  7. The Deposed King - March 6, 2013 5:55 pm

    I think I tried to get a hold of you when I was looking for beta’s on Admiral’s Gambit.

    But when its time to pull out the editing hat, things move fairly rapidly and it didn’t work out.

    I can try again, but probably would need to email you directly. Is the e-mail you used to create the account something you check regularly? I’m hoping to finish the book and have it in for Beta’s and Editing this month.

    Like I said though, when its ready I have a limited window for my Beta’s to read and critique it. Couple/three day turn around cause otherwise the brother and I will just grind on it all day every day until its up to snuff and then get it out for you readers asap. After that its only punctuation grammer and such that gets updated. Plot holes, story nits, etc, the book is set in stone for the most part.

    The Deposed King


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