Admirals War Update – Starwars 2015

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Admirals War Update – Starwars 2015

I was sitting here sifting through my sites on a routine check and I realized I hadn’t updated this blog in entirely too long!

Sorry about that guys and gals!

Well anyway as to what has been keeping me, I’ve been focused on family matters, among other things the pregnant wife and constantly bouncing around kids.  Just yesterday I turned on Star Wars the original movie (episode IV; A New Hope) for the first time and figured it would be cool and my seven year old boy Luke could finally appreciate watching the movie that inspired his namesake.  In report the Aliens of Star Wars IV with the digitally remastered big ‘dinasours’ were totally cool but what I found just as neat was that the old 70’s-80’s aliens were just as facinating.  And of course the droids were loved by all, especially the ‘garbage can’ droid ahhahaha!

The other thing that’s been keeping me tied up has of course been me spending my spare time working on book 8 of the Admiral series.

Current Title: Admiral’s War

I’m about 77k into book 8 which was orginally envisioned as a big battle and I’ve been mulling over and thinking about maybe changing the title to Admiral’s Challenge instead.  The only problem is I have a really cook Book 8 Admiral’s War cover right now so….

Anyway after a few Spalding mishaps and Jason mishaps things are right back on track with Jason tearing apart the opposition and Spalding blasting a hole through any bulkheads his plasma torch can’t easily cut through.  So in addition to a little fleet re-building, repairs, number counting of both ships, crew,  new recruits and lancers I’m having lots of fun with the past few chapters.  Tearing through them to the tune of 5k a day for the past four.  I’m not sure you’ll like them as much as I do but I’m having loads of fun.  A lot of things I’ve been plotting out since the start of the series as well as some exact scenes envisioned since book 5: Admiral’s Revenge or a bit earlier… maybe book 3: Admiral’s Tribulation and Ashes for Ashes, Blood for Blood are finally coming to fruition.

As an author only rarely do the scenes come out just plain flat out cool as you originally envisioned them (after all I can see the scene in 3d with color and then have to convert it down to a text based scene) but I think its working out pretty well.  I know I’m definitely having a fine time whenever I’m doing a cool homage or reference to some other book ,movie or pop cultural reference.

Speaking of which my boy luke was asking me how many new Star Wars movies there where, if anymore were coming out (there is) and if my books, Admiral Who, Admiral’s Gambit etc were like Star Wars.  I told him they were and as soon as he grew up a bit more I was going to let him read them but for right now they were too hard for a boy and too long for a dad to read them all through.  My grama read me each book of the Lord of the Rings trilogy when I was 10-2 but at only seven next month in april he’s still a big young.

As an FYI for all of you who may not have seen the new Star Wars trailer.  Here is the trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens due out December of this year 2015.

The teaser trailer

Hahahaha while I’d like to be arrogant (or maybe proud) enough to say I’m willing to stack my Spinewards Sectors Series up against episodes 1-3, I still have a ways to go before I’m anything near episode IV and further of the original trilogy.

Anyway I hope you guys have fun reading my books and rest assured I’m hard at work on book 8 Admiral’s War or Admiral’s Challenge, whatever it is eventually called and should have it (the first draft) done and completed by April and in the hands of my brother that same month for editing.

Have a blast!



The Deposed King

P.S. trying to put some unique content on this blog that you can’t find at my (now) more active face book multi-sector patrol fleet page.  Otherwise what’s the point of keeping this thing?  It needs to be here, it needs to be active and it needs to provide fan service!

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