Soft Transition to Publishing Website

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Soft Transition to Publishing Website

Okay guys the time has finally come. I’m beginning the slow transition over to my brother’s website and I’ve put up my very first blog post over there.

For the latest and greatest Akantha Update head on over there at:


The Deposed King

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  1. Vamen - December 26, 2013 8:39 pm

    We’ve gone through another round of updates and issue corrections at and I’m hoping the signup process is without hiccups. If you want to comment all you have to do is create an account there and post away!

    Blog authorship is being limited to authors only; if you’re an author and have a manuscript you’d like some help with then go ahead and apply for author status via email or by messaging my account on the site, or by one of these threads here. I built the website to help budding authors connect with collaborators and readers to help produce the best work possible.

    Regardless, everyone should go over there and sign up so you can qualify for the beta reading lottery when Josh’s next novella is ready for review (which should be in a few weeks). We’re looking forward to your interaction!


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