Live on my Amazon Author Page!

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Live on my Amazon Author Page!

Hi there guys. The book is out of my hands currently lingering around 60% edited, as of my last update from my brother. I realize its been a year since the last book came out but Admiral 11 is officially out of my hands and for running on towards two months now its been at the editor. Unfortunately the editor had to chance continents temporarily so there was a hiatus in the editing process.

For those of you who don’t know. I will as usual be putting it up for beta reading after its edited and then throw it up on

In other news I am currently 9k into Book 12.

You’ll note I’ve been using book 11 and book 12 because I’m still not 100% sure what the name of the books will be. Book 11 was originally Admiral’s Run but I wasn’t married to that which is good because I’ve got a cover for Admiral’s Nemesis (LOL). Book 12 was supposed to be Admiral’s Rage but I think it might end up as Admiral’s Nemesis Part 2.

Anywho I sure hope this post makes it up onto my amazon author page.

Its never been a priority before but I’ve finally accepted that our book discussion threads are not coming back. Amazon took them away unilaterally and didn’t even inform us and apparently have no intention of bringing them back. Probably because they’re not entirely happy with people and authors talking directly (wink)

So please feel free to chat with me here on my blog or head on over the the Multi-Sector Patrol Fleet Group over on Facebook and get in on all the cool MSP action.

And as always I’d like shamelessly appeal to your mercenary natures and beg you guys for some reviews. If you do I think we might end up having a few more short stories thrown up on the blog.

FYI – if I currently owe any short stories please let me know. I’ve been hot on the draft of book 12. Finally done with the outline (or mostly) and onto writing the book itself as something close to what you’ll see.

have a great day!

The Deposed King


  1. Jamison Hutchinson - July 11, 2017 10:51 pm


    I really wasn’t anywhere near right on those names I guessed awhile back. Looking forward to it whenever it comes out!

    Working on Archibalds story, got most of it worked out, now just writing it. I sent your brother, the editor boss, a question about some “people” Archibald runs across and starts dealing with. I will wait for his answer, since I am still far from those parts, but if I don’t hear from him when I get there, will ask you about it.

    So looking forward to this book! Don’t have any idea of what’s going on or what will happen in the slightest, but really looking forward to it all the same!

    • Joshua Wachter - July 12, 2017 4:20 pm

      I hope you enjoy it. Let me know of any problems you run across when you get to it on the beta!

      • Jamison Hutchinson - July 12, 2017 8:07 pm

        Sure thing! Can’t wait man, can’t wait.

        And it’s full steam ahead on my Archibald story, already at 4K words and moving along with scene setting, character introductions, and now, getting to the first bit of combat. When I am done, I really hope everyone enjoys it, and that you and Caleb think that it fits in well in your universe.

        Have fun man!


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