Live on Amazon: Admiral’s Nemesis Part II

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Live on Amazon: Admiral’s Nemesis Part II

:::Cue Drumroll::: For those of you who have been waiting the book is finally here: Admiral’s Nemesis Part II is live!!!!

Find it here on amazon at link:

It slices it dices and it may have taken 8 months but its finally here!

Again sorry about the long wait between books guys, first it was a bear to write and my longest work ever but it also took about twice as long at the editors as hoped for. Most of it though was I was just slow writing it. If I had sped up….

Well enough of that because I have written up and two days before Nemesis II launched I already finished the rough draft of Admiral’s Fall the next book in the series. So hopefully we’ll see a more reasonable launch rate between books going into the future (wink).

For all my fans this is,

The Deposed King

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