Free and $0.99 deals!

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Free and $0.99 deals!

An Author Update:

For anyone who is interested in reading my books. Right now I have four different deals running.

Book 1: Admiral Who?
This book is currently up for an amazon deal at 0.99c for seven days starting today!

The Boar Knife
The first novella in the Witchguard Series is up for free right now and for the next 5 days.

Admiral’s Lady Eyes of Ice Heart of Fire
The first novella and prequel to the Spineward Sectors Series is up for free for the next five days!

and finally.

Admiral’s Lady Ashes for Ashes, Blood for Blood
This novel takes place in between books 4 and books 5 in the main series and follows Jason’s wife! Is out for free for the next five days.

So if you’ve always wanted to read by books but just haven’t got around to it yet or if you’ve used Kindle Unlimited but don’t own them permanently here’s your chance!

The Deposed King

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