Falon Half Blood Update

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Falon Half Blood Update

The brother is about 20% done with the initial first pass edit, although I understand he has a few other things to work on right at the moment, so it’ll be a few days before he can get back to it.

I’ve just finished revamping the ending and decided that whatever its called the book needs at least one more chapter after the epilogue to round everything off. So in addition to adding roughly 4k of new content today in a revised and expanded ending, I also plan to keep pounding away until I’ve got another chapter.

Now as soon as that chapter is written I’m going to switch over to Revenge until the brother is ready for me to show up and edit.

In other news cabe says we’ve got some kick-ass new art. Including more revised Falon cover ideas (they still need work though is the impression), but mostly focused on some brand new Marine Bugs art. Staying true to the cannon sounds like the usual challenge, although since my books tend to leave more up to the imagination of the reader than most that’s not as big an issue as it could be. However anywhich way I am assured they’re starting to look real cool.

In other news, I originally came to this country with 3 dell laptops. Now they were used but I worked on one of them in the usa for about 6 months. At this point I’m down to one laptop (the one I was originally using in the usa) and one was been junked. The third and final is undergoing surgery in the laptop repair place right now. It had a virus, things were going slower and slower, lots of stop this script warnings so I took it in to have the OS reinstalled. Sadly immediately upon reinstall they got a blue screen. So its time for diagnosis and they told me to come back again tomorrow to check on it or they’d just text me. Not fun but what can you do? Its 220 power over here and they often have brown outs and the accompanying power surges. But with me down to one laptop, I am both amazed at how fast I can load things again and disheartened at the realization that I’m going to need to purchase a brand new computer before too terribly much longer.

With import duty fees on electronics over here that means 400-500 bucks just for a basic laptop.

Anyway its probably about time to upgrade from my free enterprise version of word, so if I have to get a new computer I am planning to pick up the latest and greatest (probably one year old) version of word if I have to buy a new laptop…. unless of course we’re scraping the last few dollars out of my pocket as it is. Then no promises.

Anyway guys hang tight, without my kindle for pc on my laptop I’m back to producing higher word counts. This should happen before too long!

The Deposed King


  1. Emil - July 17, 2013 2:46 am

    I suggest you get: Comodo Internet Security

    Its free and according to ratings/reviews compared to other programs out there, its on the top. Been using it for months now and its better than Norton, Panda security and others I’ve used before it. Regret nothing 🙂

    Now, back to book: I’m glad to hear the book is going well and that your motivated to start already on the next book, but you still intend to release a high quality Falon book. Good writer *Pat*

    / N.1 European Fan

  2. The Deposed King - July 17, 2013 4:16 am

    I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!

    As for all that ‘patting’ watch out #1 Euro Fan! He who controls the one beta copy, controls them all!

    The Deposed King

  3. Emil - July 17, 2013 1:29 pm

    Don’t be mean like that! *Worried face*
    I have surbmitted my Beta application, Im up for going as both Beta reader and as Error reader.
    Can send in a document with my review of the beta, and send in another document with any errors I may find.
    If, I get picked ofcourse. 😀

    Also wondering whether you ever thought about turning it into a TV show? In my mind, it would be perfect for it.
    We need some good real space/sci-fi shows nowadays, only good ones out there is Stargate (Which have been finished.)
    Original Stargate, and Atlantis that is. Absolutly not Stargate Universe *Horror stricken face*

    N.1 Euro Fan

  4. The Deposed King - July 17, 2013 8:52 pm

    Yeah the movie deal’s not going to happen. I almost certainly wouldn’t say no but its like this. A lot of authors are ‘optioned’ for their books to be made into a movie. Alas it either never gets made or its turned into something like The Dresden Files. A one season flop.

    The Admiral Who series would probably do best as a Galaxy Quest revamped and rebranded. But it would be just my luck they either tried to make to too series or just completely slap stick humor and it would flop. Honestly you can’t trust anything that gets within the control of the Sci-fi channel or SYFI or whatevr they’re calling themselves now.

    All of that said it would be really cool!!! if my books were made into even really crappy TV series.

    And of course all beta copies are pending the initial edit by the brother.

    However if you’re interested in being a beta and you’ve been one previously. Prepare those links to your review up on amazon!

    The Deposed King


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