Bookbub and other Advertising Ventures

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Bookbub and other Advertising Ventures

Well as I briefly mentioned on facebook group.  I just handed over the rough draft of book 7 of the Spineward Sectors Series to my brother.  So maybe it’ll be out by the end of May.

Also we’re trying to do a little advertising for the first time.  Well not technically the first.  I was part of amazon’s advertising beta and did a little advertising using their system.  Which was alright but since they went public when I tried it, it hasn’t worked nearly as well.  I think they throttled me down and my brother trying to advertise for his books has experienced much the same thing.

That’s why we’re going to try and do a few new things.

First, along with a host of other smaller paid sites, we’re going to fire off the first Bookbub which seems to be the biggest independent advertising for authors out there.  Especially since Amazon bought out and then neutered good reads.  Here’s the link:

Not only do they help us authors advertise but they also have a pretty good emailing list for readers.  They send you an email every day or three with a list of books that are either free or more than 50% discounted.  As a reader I’ve picked up more than a few of the books they’ve recommended myself.  So they’ve got something going.

Looking over at Kboads link:

A top hang out for all of us indie authors.  Bookbub looks and sounds like the real deal.  So fingers crossed but I’m very hopeful that between the Bub and all the other indie advertisers out there that we can kick things up to a higher level.  I’ll make sure and report back after I run it to see how things work out.

Anyway guys, have a good one.  The Spineward Sectors keeps marching on and you haven’t seen nothing yet!

FYI – the title Admiral’s War may be changed over to Admiral’s Challenge this book for various reasons and the War titled used for Book #8


anyway have a blast,



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