Book 3 – Product Description

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Book 3 – Product Description

Jason Montagne and the Officers and Crew of the Lucky Clover are back and if you thought the last family reunion was bad wait until you meet his Uncle.
A man who makes his re-acquaintance with Bethany seem all warm and fuzzy in comparison.

This time Admiral Montagne isn’t just dealing with the Vekna side of the Family but an old style Montagne.  The kind that gives other Montagnes a bad name.

–    Childhood fantasies will be crushed

–    An aura of Invincibility will be tested

And its anyone’s guess if the Little Admiral can pull another rabbit out of his hat and put an end to the piracy that’s been plaguing the border of known space ever since the Empire withdrew.

Or if the tables will finally be turned and Jason find himself at the mercy of those he’s been thumbing his nose at for so long.

Discover all this and more in Book 3 – Admiral In Spite of Himself.

“Make it so, Mr. Spalding… engage!”


  1. Emil - February 26, 2013 8:38 am

    Tottaly love the refference to spalding on the end! 😀

    I wonder though is this description final or will you possibly change it? If so, I’d suggest the following part should be made a bit more sci-fi’c(Sorry if you consider this comment as anoying/QQ, I just REALLY want more people to buy your books!)

    By non-scifi I mean the parts:
    “Little Admiral can pull another rabbit out of his hat” and
    “Or if the tables will finally be turned and Jason find himself at the mercy of those he’s been thumbing his nose at for so long.”
    “This time Admiral Montagne isn’t just dealing with the Vekna side of the Family but an old style Montagne. The kind that gives other Montagnes a bad name.

    – Childhood fantasies will be crushed

    – An aura of Invincibility will be tested”

    I just really get an fantasy/medieval vibe from it and not scifi/ the true spirit of your books.

    Just, dont waste time on the description rather than release. Got you booked into my schedule so I can take an day off if I need to so I can read the book without disturbance.

  2. The Deposed King - February 27, 2013 3:29 am

    Up to 97k on book three, I’ve been crushing it the last couple days. Thanks for the take on the product description.

    The Deposed King

  3. Emil - February 27, 2013 9:15 am

    After reading my previus comment I realised that I was only saying what was not quite up to your standard and not actually suggesting any concrete suggestions on how to improve it. In short, I was complaining and sorry for that.
    So I decided to take a look on your previus book description and need to say that your first book description is the best I’ve read, ever. (Dont let it go to your head.)
    And will make a small review off it so you know what you did good and could keep in mind for your next book descriptions.

    “When the man handed him the keys and took off”
    – People can relate to this, how often havn’t fate/life just left you there at some point while you thinking “Sweet murphy, what now?”

    “no one expected Prince-Cadet Jason Montagne to act like a real admiral, least of all himself.”
    – In everyone’s life there are always moments when something happens and you dont know what to do/how to act. This part combined with previus part is just one sentence, but it really draws in the person in just -one- line.

    “Terrified of what might happen if he failed, he was determined to do anything (even impersonate a Confederate admiral) to succeed.”
    – This simple line can bring up for exampel: childhood memories of school(New school, anxius to get friends), or studying to get into a good school. Or for exampel: Finishing school and need to get a job but with no previus job/work experience, or to more extrem cases: A person fleeing a home country, knowing they most succed (Ex get a job) so they wont be sent back etc.
    This simple line got so many ways people can relate to.

    “Bugs, battleships and blaster-fire will turn out to be the least of his worries. Ship-wide mechanical failures, assassination attempts, and every young man’s greatest fear are just a few of the landmines the paranoid young college student must navigate if he hopes to avoid disaster. ”
    – This here describes the book without giving the whole story away. It really helps that the Bio/Organical alien specie is simply named “Bugs” rather than something hard to pronounce as people can easier relate to things they know/experienced and can name. The next part is the “Ship-wide mechanical failures”, this really gets one’s intresst and makes you wonder ‘Why?’ and how it gonna turn out.

    “But with the galaxy’s oldest junior lieutenant in charge of Engineering, a conniving young Intelligence Officer as his second-in-command, and barely half the crew needed to man the ship (the untrained, undisciplined half), the biggest threats may prove to be those closest to him.”
    – Here we get told they the main character are stuck with the oldest engineer in galaxy and at same with with a conniving second-in-command, and not only that but he got barely half a crew, which is the untrained, undisciplined half.
    The reason this is a good line is the simple reason it makes you think. When I read it I immedily thought of an ship of an old man in charge of engineering who’s half crazy, an second in command who are after to get in your way and then that you in charge of the ‘bad’ part of a crew, those that drink and fight and generelly get in the way. So, how he gonna fix it? Thats the question I asked myself when I read it.

    Now, to the best line:
    “Then again, just how much trouble could he get into in a week?”
    – Obviusly everyone knows what this means, but not only that but we are told “a week” meaning it will happen fairly rapidly.

    Now to the last line:
    “Before long, the question everyone will be asking is: Admiral Who?”
    – Not only are we wondering who this Admiral Who is, but we are also told that everyone else are wondering who this Admiral Who?
    This gives ous an small “connection” with the books ‘inhabitants/population’ though we never get to those.

    My main langue is Swedish, so please do forgive me if some words are out of context.
    Just wanna repeat this, so I dont have you spend your precius time on this before book is out: If you feel the need and got the time, you can always change the book description once the book have came out so you dont feel rushed now/low spirited.

    Looking forward to the book, Im sure the wait will be worth it.

    Also big point on your books which we are gratefull for: You dont take more money for a kindle book than an real book, neither do you take 11.99 USD for a 150 page KINDLE book which some people do. Your books are long and at same time at an quite affordable cost for everyone.

  4. Emil - February 27, 2013 9:16 am

    Urk, just saw my post.. Wall text.
    Really sorry for that.

  5. Paul - March 22, 2013 5:09 pm

    Will the Akantha story you’ve been telling in snippets be part of Admiral In Spite of Himself?

  6. The Deposed King - March 23, 2013 10:15 am

    Ah nope. That’s a prequel the brother took the lead on. Not sure if Its going to enter the cannon or not. I simply haven’t had time to edit through it yet.

    the Deposed King


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