Admiral 12 Update

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Admiral 12 Update

Hi guys I’m still working on Admiral’s Nemesis Part 2 and I’m currently up to 84k on the rough draft.

I know I should be faster on this and I’m hoping to pick up the pace in November. This last month here has just been the month from hell. Lost three family members had two funerals so far and only one of the losses was expected. A hospice situation. The other were completely out of the blue and that’s all I want to say on that.

So picking up the pieces and moving forward right now. But I’m back to work and trying to get caught up.

Thanks to all my fans and spineward sectors lovers. I hope you have a good holiday season.

The Deposed King


  1. Jamison Hutchinson - November 1, 2017 5:55 pm

    Hope things are going will be going better!

    Bad months and lose like that is hell indeed. Hope your family is doing good, and things go from bad to good.


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