The Channeling (Rise of the Witch Guard Book 3)

The Channeling (Rise of the Witch Guard Book 3)

Our heroine is back, and the stakes continue to grow even as her role in the Prince’s army continues to expand. A long winter layover does little to cool her Prince’s mercurial temper, and soon she finds herself slogging through the mud en-route to the next stop on the Stag’s tour of the kingdom: the Frog Lands.

Surrounded by allies—some trustworthy, and others…well, not so much—Falon Rankin continues to do her duty in the hope of securing her family’s holdings and personal survival, while often oblivious to the machinations at work all around her.

Old Madame Tulla’s designs continue to unfold, but no one can yet guess at the true nature of the Old Blood Witch’s true plans—least of all Falon.

Will Falon finally be discovered for the girl she really is? Will Mama Muirgheal be able to rescue her from the misery of army life? And will Duncan and Ern ever stop acting like a couple of dirt clods?

Find out in the Rise of the Witch Guard’s latest entry: The Channeling!