Admirals Lady (Spineward Sectors series Book 6)

Admirals Lady (Spineward Sectors series Book 6)

This is a Novel Length Novella of about 74,000 words, making this book the size of standard published novel but only about half the size of a mainline book in this series.

This is a companion novella during which events take place across Admiral’s Trial and Admiral’s Revenge, books four and five, of the mainline series. For reference its about twice the size of the previous Admiral’s Lady book.

Product Description:

While Jason was getting back and gearing up for his Revenge, Akantha wasn’t just sitting quietly in the corner or out waving the flag on a PR tour. She was gearing up for some revenge of her own.

Determined to punish those who planted the knife in the MSP and just as or even more importantly her own people’s back, this is one Hold-Mistress who isn’t about to let the events that took place at Omicron Station pass. As far as she’s concerned her Protector was far too lenient, a mistake she’s not about to repeat.

You see she has a name for her pain and it is King James, the very man who sent the traitors that took their ship and killed their people. There will be ashes, there will be blood and while victory may not be possible one thing is certain… whether she goes home carrying her shield or carried upon it, they will suffer as she has suffered. Or her name is not Akantha of Messene!